Monday, August 14, 2017

Milo's Monday Mischief

My gosh! That's a big water bowl!

Milo has found his voice at 5 months.

 He barks at the least amount of movement on the cul de sac. Very annoying. A neighbor comes out their front door, bark

. Bike? bark. Wind moving leaves, bark.

He barked at us last night. Drew came down to get him to go to bed, bark. I closed the cutlery drawer, bark.   Bark, bark,bark.

And all the different sounds! Amazing. He's singing, or speaking German.

Here's a video of Milo at his first concert... more interested in coming to see what I was video taping and people than the music...
"A well behaved poodle has less fun!" Milo 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

We can't all be stars...consider the bit players

Doing the Rainbow Scrap challenge at SoScrappy is always stimulating. Many people choose a few blocks to make in each color/month. They choose some backgrounds that show off their color and pattern.

Nature is my inspiration.

 Note this palm in large, and graceful.
What a study in leaves...

Angela threw me a bit by choosing neutrals at the focus color this month.
But, neutrals are the background not main color! Right?

Then I began to think about them more, and had a very interesting discussion with my scientist husband who sees color in terms of wavelength. A neutral blends with, and supports a more saturated color. It's the bit player allowing another color to star.

It's not the same as low contrast although using neutrals to be background and star requires a bit of contrast.

Some designers don't even use neutral backgrounds, Kaffe Fasset comes to mind... Or Laura Ashley who obtains contrast through pattern change instead of color or saturation change.

I wanted to do some leaves, but didn't want pale leaves, and had to consider how neutral leaves would blend in the end with the brighter ones, and whatever setting I choose. If they are to go together in a tree of life, then these lighter neutral leaves can be the ones sunlight hit. One needs light, medium and dark to really pop.
Note the middle leaf is from Egyptian print fabric... little feet?

One could do a tree in only pale neutrals and it would still be interesting.
Notice, I pieced the bottom leaf before basting it. The one behind it has intense gold metallic paint.
The batik is a Washington DC special edition from Ginny Beyer.

Look again at the botanical prints. 

Look again at the sun-washed leaf at the start of the post... still awesome right? Even if it's pale?

So even if a color isn't your favorite, and beige is my least favorite color, there is much to be learned and enjoyed by exploring colors each month. Thank you to Angela for providing prompts, and a place to gather each week.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Like Thursday #49

 Welcome to this week's list of "likes" 
Let's get started, 

Help me... Mama took the shaver to me!
I Like a freshly shaved poodle face. Look at those eyes... so sincere!

I Like this tea kettle we got recently. It's got a nice shape, has no teflon and no whistle, but it has a temperature gauge. It is made for tea, because from my Tea Shop mysteries, I learned you brew different teas at different temps.

Anyway our old kettle had a teflon coating that always smelled to the end, and eroded meaning we were all drinking some kind of chemical. Made in China like so many other problematic items. We now seek cookware made anywhere but.
 Sorry, China.

I Like this link party... It's a our world
Our World Tuesday Graphic
the link is
People from all over the world link their small town lives. I feel like I've traveled when I visit blogs new to me.

I Like space created by letting go of stuff.

Two bins now empty.

I don't like the actual letting go, the decision to let go, the loss of anything. I do however know in my head that the things I've let go recently, are not vital to my well being. Most of it was given me, and I take it " just in case" or bought thinking I'd need it and I never did.
We weighed this drawer of blue fabric... 35 lbs!
and I have many, many, bins. Hmmm... gotta let a bit go... I mean after all I only have one life to make all the projects I have planned. Plus some of the other crafts no longer call to me.

It pinches my emotions at the start, then later when I see a bit of open space or at least breathing room, it feels great.
Funny how looking at an empty drawer is satisfying... like there is room to grow!

I cut my own EPP shapes from cleaned yogurt lids so of course I washed them and trimmed the rims, and stored them.

 Lots of them. Just in case. Out they go to recycling. I'll cut some more hexies before they go, while watching tv, but like a lot of stuff, they are not worth paying a mover a dollar a pound to take to Colorado.

Bag O'Plastic!
I liked finding these flamingo pants... they never were flattering but I bought them because of the flamingos.
Wonder if they'll be given away too... or will I wear them even if they aren't flattering! (probably)

Milo's likes this week:
Milo is a little tired of bed rest. He is supposed to rest that Bicep tendon but he's feeling like running. He is taking refuge in food (as many of us do)
He is chasing his food ball around the family room which engages him mentally. Sometimes he just picks it up and brings it to me, saying, shake it Mama! Make it work!

Please enjoy these fine folk also keeping it positive today.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Are YOU looking at ME? Milo's Monday Mischief

Milo here, with the CORRECT side of the story before Mama has her side... I mean, you can see I'm closer to the issue.

It all started when I looked at my bed the way I looked at my stuffie toys... not much difference. Fun to bite.

I began looking for the squeaker...
See the hole?
with my teeth of course. They are the BEST way to look for stuff. While I was looking something happened I don't know what, and there was stuffing coming out of the toy bed.

I'm not one to ignore free stuffing! Doesn't taste like much but it's easy to swallow.
Four little noses!
Suddenly all the toys are looking at me.
As if I did something wrong!
And the Mama is yelling again! " Milo! No biting the bed! " she said,
"Why don't you play with the real toys with squeakers?"

Huh? What is that you're trying to say Mama? Can't quite understand you, I'm only 5 months old!

Besides I will have to get back to you on that, since I have a whole bed to chew up. And the toys are really in the way, you should do something about that. And leave the sock, I found it fair and square in Daddy's stuff so it's mine now.

Listen, I'd like to stay around and make you happy and all but I've got work to do. My molars came in and I intend to use them to the max!

"I said," said the Mama, " what about the tail on your mouse? Did you swallow that? "
Oh. My. Dog.

I don't know what happened to that! I don't keep track of all the piddly little details around here! Probably I was carrying it around, just trying to be helpful, by it's tiny long tail and it fell off.
 It wasn't me!
I was framed!
You can't pin this on me!

As I said, I have things to do right now. I absolutely must keep aerating this bed. 
Don't stare at me or point that stupid camera at me either without a lawyer present
It ain't gonna chew itself!

You're welcome!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

As I said, no scrap too small... Zen sewing

the strips in between are black not dark blue
I enjoy receiving scraps from friends. When I washed them in a mesh bag, and pressed the skinny strips full of pretty colors, I didn't want to throw them away as too small. I got out my black strips

What's too small?

Even the ones that are a half inch wide, can be tiny inserts of floating color.
I just started sewing unmeasured black strips to the colored ones. I loved how it looked.
Then I ran out of colored strips... oh wait there are a couple small pieces...
It's all about the color this time anyway, if I added in black at the top and bottom, the flash of color would be interesting in another strip
there! Just trim a sort of straight edge to then insert into the strip set
Zen sewing. Meditation sewing. Thinking of nothing more than how one color looks next to another.

In the moment.

Seeing what develops.

No expectations.

Finding joy in the process.
What will it be?  A purse? A door to a large house? A sunset forest? 

I don't know or mind... for now it did it's job, keeping my mind free, giving me respite from anxiety, allowing me to make something from could be trash.

Seeing lines and color relationships develop.

Thinking what it could be, which is mental exercise.


The imagination is engaged.

The sky is the limit!

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Like thursdays #48

I like the bright hot pink flowers my husband brought home to make me smile...

especially alongside the croton who is spending some quality time on the back porch this summer! The yellow, green, and daubs of pinks in the croton contrast nicely with the graphic almost iconic flower shape of whatever flower these are.

Milo continues to like to read my magazines after I'm done. He waits and when he hears the last page turned, hops up hoping he can "read" them by way of osmosis, through his taste buds. When he's done, the shreds  can easily go in the recycling! This week he enjoyed the article on flowers.

I Liked this little hitchhiker that rode on my shirt at our recent trip to Ft. McHenry (post HERE).

 no photo but, I like having a friend I can be myself with. No fake cheerfulness, no pretending to care. When they ask "how are you?" they want to know the answer. We can trust each other with our thoughts and feelings.
There are many acquaintances in life, which is great, but a friend is worth gold.
I've been lucky enough this week to share several real conversations/emails with friends I trust.The connections between us are enjoyable and comforting.

I liked this quote on pinterest this week. A reminder that in a Democracy, the president is just the temporary leader... he is not the country nor a dictator. We are very lucky, many fought for our rights, and we need to protect those rights considering what happened in Venezuela this week.  I am thankful for those who protect  our Democracy

I Like walking around neighborhoods. Milo is not as good as Cole was at that, he lays down, chews the leash, and in general acts like a puppy (he just turned 5 months old) Enjoy some images from our recent trip to CT.
Floral house numbers
curly decorative iron fences
old window glass from 1700's that has swirls now
Purple doors!
Archway elements and peaked roofs on homes
Rounded design details done in bricks and stones
Love the porch details and door
Love the window designs
I don't know what this tree is but it was gorgeous with pink outlining the leaves. The Poodle butt is a bonus!

Milo was happy to play with his friend Gus but was injured playing. His Bicep tendon is inflamed (hopefully not a life long condition) and he's on meds and bed rest for two weeks.We'll know more after that.
He's not pleased, and I told the vet, forget him! Mama needs the drugs.

Telling an active puppy he can't run for two weeks?

I do an I Like post every Thursday and welcome you to do one, and join us on our journey to  notice the little things that bring joy each week! Let me know in comments or email if you want to join in! Meanwhile visit these fine folks keeping it happy! (give them time to post)

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