Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday's Critters

There is a link party called Saturday Critters and I love it. All God's creatures.

I love the image we took on a recent walk around Washington Park. The quiet of it is reflected in muted colors. It still has a reflection of the setting sun on the right. I like the water next to frozen ice... just like that our environment changes. The birds could choose between walking and swimming. I like the texture the ripples give.

I also like the stillness and peace, knowing any minute a bird could startle and all would fly off.

Change. Water changing to ice, changing light quality as the sun sets, changing habitat and likely location for these particular birds. Big change of habitat for the three of us.

 Washington Park is in Denver's Cherry Creek area.

See the sun quality change as we walk around the lake. All of these birds were ice skating.

I love the next one...

One among many. One who chose to stand alone. Impossibly standing on water.

Do you ever think about birds? Do you wonder if they have thoughts? As they live their lives in search of food, shelter, and a flock to belong to... how is that so very different from what we do?

Are we more important than other creatures on earth? Maybe to each other, but not in the grand scheme.


We also walked one afternoon around the Baker neighborhood full of interesting homes. 

I loved it so much. The homes are quirky. I wonder about all the generations of families, or individuals who found shelter and belonging here over the last hundred years? I wish I met them.

As we walked along, I noticed interesting yards, architecture, and this fellow in the top window...

So quiet. Intensely watching us go by with Milo...
Daddy says, look Milo! Look up! So he looks right up in the sky for a plane. He never noticed the quiet chap watching him from above.
This pic is slightly different, as we walk by. the angle changes. He has slightly shifted forward, nose closer to the open window. His expression changed as we got further from him, intensified. I wondered did he pined for Milo to come play in the tiny postage stamp yard with him?

What's your story, pretty?

yet another lovely home with a big wide porch. Built in Victorian times, when people often had large families. Built in a time when architectural details mattered. I plan to do a post on Monday with lots of interesting, at least to me, pictures of the homes.

Did a woman care for this home, keeping it clean and cozy for a family? Was she proud of how pretty it was, did she host women's groups where they planned how to win the vote? Didn't she see a lot of changes over her life? !

 Look closer in the window at the new family.
This gorgeous cat watched Milo parade by. When I stopped to watch it, a little boy ran to the front window.

the family changed of course, from 1890,  but I imagine back then a cat sat in a window and a little boy might run over to see why it was looking out. Changed but the same in a way.

More next week.
visit http://viewingnaturewitheileen. for more critter pictures

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Like Thursdays #72

Welcome to this week's list of likes...

DH showed up with my happiest of flowers, tulips. This time bright yellow and orange. I have many vases but they are still hidden in boxes.
  I did unload this Valentine vase since it was marked Family Room! Yea! Perfect!
Flowers bought with love for me, to make me smile deserve a V-day vase in red. Red, gold and orange... all hot colors to balance the ahem, neutrals outside. I read popular home dec colors this year are, ready? brown and tan.
Are those even colors? No thanks, I'll just continue to decorate with brilliant blue, bright lime, clear red.

I love the colors on these clearance towels from Khols.

Turquoise, red and white. So pretty, and good through the winter in my mind.

I am replacing the towels that shrunk and distorted over time, making them hard to use.

  I cut them in half, sewed the edges together and turned inside out and they are lovely washcloths for the kitchen! Very useful, slip a hand in if you want a mitt. The yellow color has faded through many washings but they are still yellow, a happy color!

I loved this sign at the entrance to the Native American exhibit at Denver science museum
It says, We are all different, we are all the same

I'm dreadfully tired of people judging others based on color, culture, place of origin, money, weight, or any other characteristic other than character. We might like someone better because of shared values, interests, or how safe we feel with them, that's reasonable. But every creature has value.

We three went on walkabout to Broadway! Not that Broadway, the street in Denver! Recommended by the physicist we chatted to at the science museum. But that's a story for another day... I thought I'd just tease you with the fabric buying trip to Fancy Tiger on Broadway in Denver.

My oh my, what a TERRIFIC store! I fell hard for this pink machine, although the color didn't translate well in my image
On the TV front, I'm happy the Amazing Race, Project Runway, Bachelor (I know, I know), and lots of ice skating is back. The ice skaters are amazing. SImply amazing.

I skated around rinks as a child, holding to the wall, one foot in front of another. I remember the miracle of learning to go backwards, and turn around while moving.

When I lived in Canada I took my first lessons and then practiced on the outdoor lake with my then boyfriend who was a hockey player extraordinaire. So balanced and strong on ice, with me basically still looking like a 2 year old. No, worse, a two year old has no fear!

 These Olympic skaters are so sure on the ice, are so brave to be thrown in the air spinning like meat on a rotisserie, then landing sure footed. Beautiful. And the men hold partners over their heads, spinning around while moving forward, the partner balanced on one arm.

If you come over once a week, please check out this week's posts on quilt patterns in the Science Museum and my startling vision on a trip to lunch

I love the little Japanese bowl I found at TJMax.

 We went in search of pyrex with lids as we can't find ours yet, and did not find those but found this. Such a pretty way to feed my pup, and a pretty bowl to see in the food stand.

Milo: whatever. I don't get the excitement... I mean it's not like raw meat appeared in it! Just a constant supply of kibble with the rare veg on top. Meh. I mean, I can hardly see the color anyway, but if the Mama is happy, guess I am happy too. I gave her a little tail wag, just to encourage her.

I Can't Keep Calm I'm A Poodle Dog Bandana | Choice red, blue, pink, black | Great gift for dogs and owners | FREE world ship
from etsy   link:
Milo liked walking with his peeps at Washington park this past weekend.

He liked riding in the car, meeting other dogs... well I'll let him finish here

Milo:    I liked the Canadian Goose poop!  hahahahaha, poodle humor!
Sure I liked being with my peeps, smelling something different, (especially the goose poop) and everything.

I admit I got a little nervous when Mama hared off into that quilt store but she came out and found us because I barked real loud and persistently so she could find her way back to us. I'm a loud barker.

Please enjoy these other fine people keeping life real and positive, best we can! Consider joining us sometime, we love to welcome new "I Like" posters! Let me know in comments or email.

1. .http://3poodlesandanana 


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Milo goes walkabout

Milo here to tell you about my adventure!
Usually I like to stick to Mama like a little velcro piece but last week I had a walkabout!
Here's the story...
Daddy leaves for work, and Mama gets up to play on the computer while she drinks coffee. Sometimes I like to go back in my crate for a morning nap, and sometimes I am napped out and ready to rumble...trouble is Mama is no good before the whole coffee/computer/breakfast thing. On this morning I decided to go out back to the little putting green and bark at the prairie dogs.
Having a good Mama, I was allowed out. I always immediately turn around and ask her to come too but she had on not enough furs for this cold morning so...
I thought, I like to pee on things, but I refuse to pee or poop back here it's so small and let's face it, no dogs will come back here to appreciate it anyway. Mama was pouring herself a cuppa coffee so I .... wait.... what's that???
Is there something I must bark at or investigate??
Mama here: I turned my head, feeling all safe and warm inside, knowing dh put up extra fencing along the split rail fence. Milo never wanders far, he can't get out... but... suddenly I felt he was too quiet. I went to the door, and all pet owners now can feel my panic!
Where is he???
It's 20 degrees and I'm in my pj's with no shoes, and I began frantically going over the postage stamp yard to see no poodles! I begin yelling,
 "Come!" (as if)
Then begin making the come here noise I've used with all my dogs, a very high pitched "BOOP" that causes them all to stop what they're sniffing and come running.
more panic!
Here he comes, on the other side of the fence, running from down the street, laughing ears blowing in the wind, looking like a show dog running in a ring!
Milo: Hi Mama, come on out! come! Come out!
Mama: How the fizzy did you get out of the yard???
Milo: I have NO idea!
Mama: was it under the fence? Did you push the fencing out and go under here?
Milo: I have no idea?
Mama: well come back under right here! Come on, you can do it (grabbing a hand of hair and trying to guide a squirming pup under the bottom rail)
Milo: Stop! I'm way too big to fit under there! Stop pulling Mama! Come out here, it's so much fun! Lots of smells and rabbit goodies to eat!
Mama: Wait! Right there! Sit! STAY! (I dart in the house to get his leash, run back out and clip it on through the fence and make one last ditch effort to get him under the rail into the yard by tugging) (No go) Then I am saying not so nice words, all teaching and mommy-lessons out the window as I curse and yell and shiver (I'm in my robe skittering along the frozen gravel they love around here) I tie his leash to the fence and run for the car.

Milo: What? I did what she wanted, I came. She seems big on that. Now I'm stuck out here far away from her and she goes back in the house? I can't move! Not even to go play some more! Yikes, now I'm panicked!

Mama: I drive the car all around the 'hood til I get to the big road behind the house, park on said big road, skitter down the hill to retrieve my bad bad dog who's barking his displeasure so loudly so every dog knows he's tied to a fence by a bad bad mama.Into the car, home again, still in robe.

Milo: I don't know why she had such an attack over it. I would have come back when I was done.

Mama: Later, Daddy put up even more fencing, then ran it under the rocks a foot or so.
whew. Check! done the lost-dog-thing, no need to repeat that.

Milo: I don't know how I got out, or why I went out. I hate it when pawrents ask stupid questions. I was in, then I heard something or saw something and I didn't stop to think, I just protected the house! Yep, that's my story. I was just protecting the house!
Milo is 10 months old now, and has lost weight here in Colorado. I hope he catches up and grows some more. He's pretty tall, weighs about 53 lbs, long legs, stands beautifully. with a slightly gray face when shaved. He has another leg injury requiring rest so this brings the injury count to 3 times in 10 months. He's had to spend a lot of his short life not running or playing. Here's hoping he recovers fully this time and can find a playmate to drain this pup energy. It's been hard on all of us.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Quilting patterns found in a museum

We explored the Denver Museum of Science this weekend. My husband is a scientist and I have a lifelong interest in science, I was a Biology major for my first two years of University.
We went this weekend to see the closing exhibit of S. American Dinosaurs but that post is for another day.

Note the sign above mentions change... my word of the year. On this trip I was reminded the Earth is constantly changing. The weather patterns are changing, affected by human impact on the earth. Before humans, the earth was formed along with the solar system, since then the continents that float above a magma layer, have been moving and breaking apart.
They still move, at about the speed of fingernail growth! They should rejoin in a few million years.

We all must adapt to the changes we cannot control. We must seek to protect the earth best we can too.

As we walked around the museum, I began to see quilt patterns every where! I took a few pics to show you...
 Oooooo  I've seen quilts done of pentagons.... I like them grouped and regrouped... I also like the irregular sizing a lot. How about you? Prefer regular interlocking ones? Or like me, do you enjoy random shapes creating orderly pattern over all? 

What is this thing? A fossil...
 Ain't nature grand?
 how about attic windows?? 
 this pic even shows the shading, and sashing. Have you ever made an attic window quilt with a scene behind it? 
What the heck is this???
 A log cabin ham? 
we wandered into the mummy exhibit and saw this...
 a vulture mummy... I mean... why? Doesn't matter, here it is. This exhibit was not labeled as well as the ones at the Smithsonian so I do not know the provenance of this but it was amid other mummies from a tomb. 
I bent down and said to DH, LOG CABINS!
 And we looked and looked trying to figure it out. Another patron came over and said, "gosh, look, she's right! I never would have noticed?!" 
My eyes go to pattern all the time! And for Pharoah's sake! Who would expect this? I still have no idea but it was a cool surprise. Next to it was a woman, tied up in linen and resin forever... wonder if she was a quilter back then? Heehee, now there's a connection!

how about a drunkard's path?
 Or a modern abstract quilt? I plan on doing something from this photo. I love the perspective and the lines. 
The simplicity of lines. A partial curve intersected by angles, quilting lines and very subtle color change. 
Can you see it? I do!!! 

Did my husband notice? Nope. 

What about triangles, and pinwheels? New to modern quilters? I don't think so... these were in the Native American exhibit...

 I love them. I love the strong diagonal line of sawtooth triangles. The subtle color change, the defining line under each row of triangles. I also love the pinwheels with underlining in dark colors. And the snowflake like pattern reminds me of bear's paws. 

I have a basket almost exactly like this!
 The family got it in Cherokee NC on a family outing when I was a young thing. We had a home in Maggie Valley, up on a mountain, and spent a good amount of my formative years going there. 
I love the strong graphic elements here. The underlying color change creating strong vertical lines. The diagonal squares crossing that but connecting the open squares on point. 

and as a young twenty something I took an Appalachian basket making class and made lots of baskets out of cane and found vines, and yarns. I haven't found them in the boxes yet and truth told, I'm afraid they could be broken. I hate the moving process. 

Of course there is a quilt design called basket weave, possibly a variation on log cabin? 
 When I told Shannon at http://imworkingonaproject
 I saw the dino exhibit, she said she took many pics of dinos here to help her in designing her dino quilt. It's the header of her blog... she's also a scientist and her work-woman-ship is astounding in details. 

Now for applique... what about realistic landscape quilts? 
 Ahhhhh, will you try for realism or abstract a scene? Follow existing lines from a photo or more impressionist style? Will you leave out certain elements, change the proportions? 
 If you take a photo you can crop it for yourself. 

Personally I chose this one to show because I like the city and lake, off to the side, and the shadow of mountains in foreground, with snow capped mountains in back. I love the sidewalk intersecting, almost underlining the image. The curve leads my eye into the scene. I might wonder if it's sunrise or sunset? 
Does it have a mood? Does it remind you of a feeling? Does it feel peaceful? 

 Compare it to this image.
 Changing the horizon line. Still a sidewalk intersecting the image, still a citiscape. The buildings play a stronger role here. You still feel the distant mountains, you still see a sky that could be starting or ending the day, you still have perspective. You still have fore ground and distance. I love this image too. 

Perspective... good in art, good in life, right? 

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Lunch with a friend

B Right On Quilting in Brighton CO

In an effort to get to know the area, and visit with a friend, I took the suggestion of Sharon to visit the quilt shop in Brighton.

To do this, Mary and I coordinated a day and time to meet. I had to get directions and follow my GPS that apparently wants me to support a very expensive toll road here.

At the end of the day my husband informed me I spent 23 bucks on tolls on the round trip! What?!!! Live and learn, and find an alternate route! The tolls are not marked, and they take them off your license tag, so it was a shock.

Back to the story...

As I left the town of Aurora, the landscape became even more desolate and barren. But I could see the mountains looming to my side, then ahead of me. I passed Denver Airport and suddenly looking at the mountains, my heart began to pound. I began to panic. The thoughts came fast and unbidden...
"how will we ever cross those?!" " Are we insane to try to cross those not knowing what's beyond?" " We are just crazy to do this" and I felt myself walking beside a wagon, with others trudging toward the giant mountains covered in snow, and wondering how we could go across them. Feelings of futility, and anger, and worry, most of all uncertainty.

Think I'm crazy yet? (Jury is out)

I am no stranger to belief in past lives, and I think each life is from God and lived to experience and learn in order to understand and love more fully. I've read a lot of studies done by many doctors on this subject.

I think I may have done this migration before, causing me to have a lot of stress about moving here this time.

I know subconsious fears can influence how one sees the present, and bringing it to the surface and seeing them as stemming from the past can alleviate some present discomfort. I also think maybe, just maybe, I have done this move before.All I know is the thoughts felt real, in the present, and came without thinking about anything but following directions to the quilt store!

I also wonder about DNA. We all came from ancestors before, we share DNA all the way back to eve so to speak. Can any of that shared DNA have memories attached? Greater minds than mine are pondering these issues I expect.

Image result for brighton co
So I find Mary and the quilt shop and the cute little town that looks caught between 1910 and 1935.
(rubbing hands with glee) I like exploring little towns like this. I had no idea just how interesting this would be on first glance.
This town is not a sleepy forgotten place, with closed storefronts. It's alive, and in use as it has been since it started. There is a prison, there are farms and ranches, there is a railroad behind Main street still in use. People come to Main street to shop and visit and eat.

Image result for cafe in brighton co
We went to the cafe on Main street for lunch, admittedly a bit wary of what we'd find.
Well we found a small but full restaurant with a mix of customers. Young mothers, business people, couples and families and groups occupying all tables but two. We chose the one in the back next to a table of men dressed to work outside.

Jovial and friendly, they opened with, "if you sit back here next to us, you'd better behave" and I countered with, "oh, I don't know, y'all look like your not a stranger to misbehavior!"

The rushed but nice waitress, a slim woman wearing jeans and a tight t shirt, gave us menus and iced tea, and took our order. On an old fashioned order pad. Mary ordered a BLT and I got a Turkey, swiss Avocado sandwich toasted. With salads not fries. They were hot off the grill sandwiches and lovely fresh salads. We ate them while having a wonderful conversation, the kind where two long time friends jump from subject to subject, sharing and asking questions, and laughing at times, shaking our heads in commiseration at times.

The men had their lunch quietly next to us.
Then I asked the question, "do y'all live here?" I wanted to know more about this little place.
"No," they answered, the spokesman saying "he's from Idaho, he's from Wyoming, I'm from Montana" or something like that.
"REally! are you here for work?" I asked, being an amateur journalist! I figure everyone has a story and I want to hear it, and if they want to be private they will send a sign, I'm pretty good at noticing when someone doesn't want to chat.
Most people are glad to share their lives if asked.

The strong quiet affable men explained their jobs. They follow the railroad, and run equipment that polishes the rails. Train wheels damage rails, then the damaged rails in turn damage wheels further so they drive polishing equipment over the rails to smooth them out. They were on the East coast this year, trying to maneuver their big equipment through cobblestone streets of Philadelphia! Now they are here. Next stop, somewhere down the line!

I felt richer having shared a conversation with them. They were happy and respectful and reminded me that taking the risk to reach out to people is worth it. As they unfolded long legs, put on cowboy hats, and stood to leave, each one said goodbye, God bless you.

Mary and I asked the waitress about dessert, and she gave us the last laugh of the experience. She said it's an enormous sweet roll covered in icing but you must order two. She grabbed a non existent fat roll on her waist, saying one roll for each side, to keep in balance! Bwaa hahaha. Having more than enough fat rolls already I passed.

The quilt shop was large, with so many fabrics I love from Moda Marbles, to Stonehenge, to modern. They had lots of kits and sale items, every notion out there, and I thought I could move in. We wandered and considered each item, discussing what we'd do with it. It was so much fun. That day all fabric was $8 a yard but it would be going up to $10 a yard next month.
Sharon, who lives in Greeley and left a comment on my post, was right. I did love that store! How nice that she risked reaching out to a stranger, me.

How nice that we exchanged phone numbers and have had a great long chat since then!

What opportunities there are in taking a risk to reach out.
When I was a bright young thing, I went to Disney World with a long time friend for NYE. The two of us had many adventures together through high school, and this was just one more while we were both on break from University. We met three college guys from Toronto, on a ride in Tomorrow land.

The three and I wrote many many times to each other that year, and one of them, Joe told me that my shyness was wasted.
"Look at people! look at their eyes, and say hello, then follow that with something, anything, to reach out", he said to me,
" stop hiding"

Oh! I began to look up. I looked up when paying a clerk, I looked up when approaching a walker, I looked up in class to see who was next to me, and I began to reach out. I read the book by B. Walters, How to talk to practically anybody, any time about anything. I was scared but getting braver.

Did it always work? Nope. Did it work more than it didn't, yep. Did I get better at it, definitely.

I put this into effect as a social worker, having to listen to each person's story, bring out the needs and hopes from each family. I put it in practice doing the "dog and pony show" that teaching junior high students required. I use this in outreach with other artists and to get work as a lecturer and teacher of quilting techniques.

Why am I sharing all this, on a public blog, with unknown people who have likely long since stopped reading all my words! What no pictures? I feel people are sliding into isolation with electronic "social" media. Ironically all this social outreach has formed a group of young things who don't know how to converse (or as I've actually heard them say, "conversate" ) or even want to talk to others.


People's lives and hopes and dreams cannot all fit in a 25 bite IM.

We are more important than that.

What do you think? Talk to me....

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I Like Thursday, #71

view down the street
Welcome to this week's list of likes
I took my camera along on our morning walk this week. I plan a post on that with lots of pictures for later, but for now...
 Isn't this a cool pic? Guess what? Snow does not melt in a day here, this is nearly three weeks old now.

I spent some time the end of last week in fabric stores so I feel a little better. Nothing like pretty fabric and familiar tools to lift your spirits. For those of you who come by once a week, that post is HERE!

Let's get started...
I sure enjoyed this video on Channel's fall line, and how they bead it. How those waifs can walk under the weight I don't know. The dress could outweigh the models!

I like this cup from Macy's, words to live by

I like tiny baby carnations from Trader Joe's on the mantel.

And the purple tulips already available.

 This place is very brown, grim and barren. These colors made me quite happy to see!

I liked finding  fleece on sale at Joann's to make a portable design wall. Not able to sew yet, as can't find my tools but maybe soon.

I liked coming up with a design for this year's Valentine quilt. They don't always finish the way they start but they always reflect that year of our lives. I gathered these two fat quarters and the embellishments at Michaels and the floss at Joann's.

 I have lovely things but they are hidden so these will work.
 I plan to hand-embroider over the heart, as I basically know where my hands are.

I like the next book in the teahouse series by Laura Childs.

When we joined the library, the librarian helped me to order this from another system, and looked up the list of finished novels. I was afraid I was nearing the end of the series but nope! Right in the middle, a really good place to be! Meaning, I have at least 10 more books ahead of me! Yipee! Then there is her other series...

I also checked out the latest Molly Murphy mystery by Rhys Bowen.

At the suggestion of a fellow I Like poster, I ordered the book 52 lists.
and did the first exercise. She gives you an action plan, this week to choose one of my favorite activities and turn it into a daily activity. I chose "talking to friends" contacted some to keep near the phone so I can talk to one of them each day. It has helped stave off the depression. I even laughed. I look forward to the other exercises as a growth opportunity.

My friend Mary from Boulder met me in Brighton for an afternoon of lunch, shopping and chat

I plan an entire post on that, as it was lots of fun and many stories to tell!

Milo and I both liked the scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese this morning... a bit of bright color...
 I loved getting a treat from my friend Nancy... takes a long leg for flamingos!
Milo liked walking a lot and his new cookies... organic carrot cookies I ordered from Amazon
they only come in boxes of 24.

Milo: "what's wrong with that??"

We got freezing rain, so we both came in cold and sodden, so Milo put on his "house elf" coat-of-many-holes to warm up
"Look how the freezing rain makes my naturally curly hair more curly!"

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